Dr. Bill Sparks is a Board-Certified Chiropractor, and Board-Certified Chiropractic Acupuncturist. He practices subluxation-based chiropractic with the understanding that the brain controls the entire body!

Dr. Bill Sparks began Sparks Clinic in the summer of 1997, in Norman, Oklahoma after attending Parker Chiropractic University in Dallas, Texas. He had been employed at “The Works Chiropractic Center” in Edmond, Oklahoma prior to opening his own practice in Norman, Oklahoma. Dr. John Sparks joined his brother Dr. Bill in practice in Norman, Oklahoma in 1998, becoming partners in the Sparks Clinic. Dr. John Sparks had attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas also.
Together the brothers created a natural healthcare program that was different than others previously in the area. The brothers were both athletes and had experienced injuries that required chiropractic adjustments to help them heal and get back to the life they wanted to experience, and they had family members that had great experiences with chiropractic also.

Bill and John both witnessed their parents recover from injuries that only chiropractic and acupuncture could help. This helped drive the brothers to become chiropractors and acupuncturists as their careers. Their mother had a spinal problem when they were children, and they witnessed multiple physicians say they really didn’t know what the problem was, but whatever she did, she should not go to a chiropractor. Eventually, after seeing eight different physicians, one of her art students told her she should make an appointment with her chiropractor. She did this, and finally had her health issue resolved. This really helped the brothers consider chiropractic as a career. They have taken care of thousands of patients for over 50+ years combined. Because of their background, they have a unique way of looking at health challenges that guides them to look for causes instead of just symptoms. They have extensive backgrounds in exercise, nutrition, acupuncture, and of course chiropractic. They both understand chiropractic and healthy lifestyles are not just their jobs, but their way of life.

Dr. Bill Sparks began working at the Works chiropractic office in Edmond, Oklahoma after graduating from University of Oklahoma and attending Parker University in Dallas, Texas. In July 1997 Dr. Sparks opened Sparks Clinic in Norman, Oklahoma and was joined by his brother Dr. John Sparks in 1998.

Sparks Clinic‘s unique way of practicing chiropractic has led them to be able to absorb multiple chiropractic clinics through the years spreading their way of helping people to a greater number of practice members.  Sparks Clinic has built a reputation in the community of being a place to go for multiple ailments of the human frame, focusing on chiropractic in the relationship of the nervous system as it relates to the function of the body with acupuncture and nutrition to augment this process.  Dr. Sparks has always desired to help families live to their highest potential!  He practices with passion and happiness every day. His practice members will tell you he finds every day exciting and magnificent!  He sees every day through his “Rule of 250”.  What is the “The Rule of 250” you might ask?  It’s the belief that if we can just help one person a day with their body, mind, and spirit, it will change their world in a positive way.  If we affect a hundred people today with this rule in mind, then millions of people will be affected!  Anyone interested in living to their highest potential possible for themselves and their family should contact Sparks Clinic.

Sparks Clinic chiropractors Dr. Bill Sparks and Dr. John Sparks will begin adjusting the spine back toward a healthier position after they review a practice member’s examination and x-ray images if they were taken.  Sparks Clinic will create a customized and very specific plan for the new practice member.  If the practice member follows this plan, they will have the best opportunity to have their health communication from the brain to the body restored to a better level.  When there is better communication there is a healthier body, and less pain, fatigue, insomnia, etc.  Your entire body functions better when the brain can tell the body what to do more efficiently and with fewer errors.  The fact that the chiropractor in Moore, Oklahoma and the chiropractor in Norman, Oklahoma are experienced in acupuncture and Chinese medicine gives practice members at Sparks Clinic access to doctors who use the knowledge associated with thousands of years of information that has been amassed by acupuncture practitioners the world over. 

This background helps make Sparks Clinic more conservative than they would be if they were only trained in American Chiropractic Medicine.  Background in the other types of healthcare works hand in hand with chiropractic philosophy of working with the body as opposed to making the body do something.  Knowing that they must work with a body, Sparks Clinic knows it takes time to change the direction of the body.  It will take longer if there are negative health habits to overcome, like poor biomechanics, years of wear and tear caused by old injuries, that were not addressed, or the use of pain drugs to cover up symptoms while continuing to exercise dysfunctional joints.  At the Sparks Clinic in Moore and the Sparks Clinic in Norman, every practice member will receive a custom and specific health plan designed to their specific health challenges.

Sparks Clinic’s “Whole life and Whole Family” philosophy is so inclusive and all-encompassing that entire families get healthier and long-term health practices, like learning to see a chiropractor from a young age are instilled.  So, attending a chiropractor whose philosophy will mesh with your family’s philosophy of life and health will have a huge impact on the quality of life you have and the quality of life your family will have.  By choosing Sparks Clinic Acupuncture & Chiropractic in Moore, Oklahoma and Sparks Clinic Acupuncture & Chiropractic in Norman, Oklahoma you know your body and your spine will be healthier straighter.

Together, the doctors at Sparks Clinic have been treating practice members for over 50 years.  You can be confident that with their many years of experience, the doctors at Sparks Clinic will design the best care plan for you and your family. 

Your Life Better…