The Difference

Sparks Clinic operates from a view of “The Rule of 250”. They believe that on average people have a circle of influence of about 250 people. Some people have a larger circle of influence, and some people have a smaller sphere of influence, but on average, influence about 250 other people in their lives. Sparks Clinic will affect three areas in everyone who enters the Sparks Clinic, whether they are there for health concerns, or just visiting. The care you receive at Sparks Clinic will have a lasting effect on your mind, body, and spirit. If even one of these areas receives a positive effect, they have changed the world in a small way. If a person leaves Sparks Clinic better in any of these three areas, they are likely to affect those in their circle of influence in a way that makes their lives better.

Even if it’s only to give a kind word or smile to someone else because they feel better in some way, it can change the lives of those they connect with. If one person a day is affected in a positive way in their mind, body, or Spirit, then Sparks Clinic can help affect about 84,000 people a year that come through our doors. It just takes one person to receive that ripple effect to influence or affect the lives of 250 other people around them. So, each person, patient, or practice member is viewed as an opportunity to affect 84,000 people per year with compassionate care that will help make their lives better. This is possible with only one connection per day!

Sparks Clinic chiropractic and acupuncture is a healthcare organization that uses a natural approach to improving the quality of life for their practice members through chiropractic & acupuncture.  Sparks Clinic focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system and how that affects the maintenance and/or restoration of health.  Sparks Clinic evaluates the whole person during examination and treatment, they don’t just look at one area or one symptom that is affecting the practice members.  Sparks Clinic is known for helping many complaints beyond just neck and back pain. Their vast knowledge and background lets them treat many other issues such as chronic pain, TMJ disorders, headaches, carpal tunnel complaints, foot, ankle, knee and hip issues along with other common issues like sinuses, allergies, asthma, hypertension, and many others.  Sparks Clinic utilizes multiple techniques for spinal correction.  All are gentle, and create spinal correction with the least force necessary.  Sparks Clinic believes that the body responds overtime to gentle movements in a healthy direction toward normal and natural spinal positions and curve similar to how teeth move through orthodontic care. 

Sparks Clinic believes that more normal joint positions and movement lead to better communication from the brain to all areas of the body.  Remember, your spinal cord is the lifeline to every function in your body.  This allows the body utilize inborn healing systems to the best extent.  When this happens, the body has better communication, so there is less need for outside intervention.  Many people seek out Sparks Clinic for pain relief, and Sparks Clinic can help with this, but they know that there is much more to health than just pain relief.  Pain is one of the last calls the body makes for help after it has been injured and then tried to heal or fix the problem for long periods of time.  Sparks Clinic uses several techniques including very specific manual technique done by hand, and activator technique gently done with a mechanical instrument and an electric mechanical instrument.  All are gentle, effective and specifically designed for specific health concerns of our practice members.  Sparks Clinic uses the latest digital x-ray technology to locate subluxations that can and should be treated by Chiropractic. These images far surpass the old outdated film based radiology of the past. Sparks Clinic also employs an arch scanning system to help identify foot problems that may affect the entire skeletal system, not just the feet.  Sparks Clinic doctors are also trained in acupuncture. 

Several forms of acupuncture are used in Sparks Clinic including Battlefield acupuncture, Japanese Long needle, and microcurrent therapy.  Sparks Clinic utilizes all necessary treatments depending on the practice members condition and depending on what the source of the problem is, how long it has been there, what treatments have been attempted, diet, quality of rest, quality of nutrition and water, employment, lifestyle activities like smoking all of which may affect the outcomes.  Sparks Clinic takes all the above information and more when it is available to create a health plan including what steps to take, how long it will take to not only help with the patient’s complaint, but to visualize our patient healthier in the weeks to come.

The doctors at Sparks Clinic practice a lifetime healthcare model. This model of practice is not shared by many practices. The use of chiropractic adjustments to reduce subluxations (misalignments) is common for most offices but using chiropractic adjustments to change the shape and herby change the functions of the nervous system back to a healthier alignment is what makes us different. Some chiropractic offices only use chiropractic adjustments for pain relief while Sparks Clinic Acupuncture & Chiropractic in Moore, Oklahoma, and Sparks Clinic Acupuncture & Chiropractic in Norman, Oklahoma use chiropractic adjustments to relieve pain, and to take stress off the nervous system so the body can function and heal at a higher level.

While pain relief is a priority, it is not the only priority. If pain relief were the only priority and health was not a concern, then drugs would be the go-to for pain relief. There are many drugs that have excellent pain relief qualities, reduction and removal abilities, but the temporary nature, and devastating side effects have many people now looking for alternatives that are not so devastating to all other areas of their lives besides the area of pain relief. Because Sparks Clinic with a chiropractor in Moore, Oklahoma and a chiropractor in Norman, Oklahoma practice with the philosophy that they need to get the practice member out of pain as soon as possible so they can begin to rest and sleep better letting the practice member start on the path for long-term health. We believe teaching long-term health to our practice members to guide them down a better path of health and freedom. The first step on this path is to receive specific, corrective chiropractic adjustments to the areas of the spine that is subluxated these subluxated areas of the spine are causing interference with how the brain communicates with the body.